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DUC Records - Space And Other Things

Groundbreaking indie music label, Deep Under Cover Records believes in the power of music to create global unity.

LOS ANGELES, March 14, 2023 — The launch of a new activist music label called DUC Records was announced today. The socially conscious music label was founded by veteran Songwriter/Entrepreneur, Scot Sier. A principle contributor to protest songs of the 2008 Occupy Movement featured on Headcount and Soundcloud, SIER offers socially-conscious music fans songs that captures the essence of where we are today and how we got here.

The labels first release is "Newspaper Man", a pro-union anthem for downtrodden workers everywhere. Inspired by a real person and actual events, the first single featured on the upcoming album Space And Other Things shares the story of a disabled man who sold Sunday papers on a city corner — until the paper he worked for was sold and he lost his job:

“The papers cutting corners They say you have to go Union men aren’t wanted They say you’re getting old.”

Writing the song, Sier quickly found it morphing into a pro-union salvo for countless unsung heroes being exploited by corporations that care more about the bottom line than the people they employ. A driving, progressive rock track, Newspaper Man’s opening bass track — performed by bassist Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction) — sets the stage for an anthem dedicated to workers across the globe.

“I wrote this song to deliver a universal message with the hope of bringing people together to create a more enlightened world through meaningful change,” Sier exclaims. That activist streak runs through the rest of Space And Other Things. From billionaires colonizing Mars to the extinction of the human race, the eight prescient songs target a specific cultural topic, telling their story with futurist genre-bending production and musicianship. “The goal of the new album is to showcase songs that serve a higher purpose fueled by my concerns over free speech, human rights abuse, rising inequality, and climate change.”

The multi-talented and creative classical rock veteran collaborated with a host of acclaimed Los Angeles musicians on Space And Other Things, which was mixed by Grammy-nominated engineer Michael Patterson. Sier began his career as a child classical violin prodigy, following a long line of family musicians. With an extensive library of hundreds of songs, his mission is to challenge the status quo through his unique guitar style and poetic lyricism.

​​ABOUT DUC Records

DUC (“Deep Under Cover”) Records is a Southern California based record label focused on uniting the world through activism and song. Their mission is dedicated to calling attention to wealth inequality, global warming, social justice and responsible use of futuristic technologies. For more about DUC, please visit:

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